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As a nursing professional, where you work can make all the difference in the world. At Swedish, it isn't just about our size, or our awards, or our use of pioneering health-care techniques and technologies. It's about our people, and the way they work together to create an atmosphere that's wholly unique to Swedish.

We give nursing careers more. More options, more support, and more rewards. Our nurses are among the finest in the country, making Swedish one of the most sought after places to receive care and practice nursing.

And because Swedish is Seattle's largest medical system with an ever-expanding array of facilities and services, you can choose to specialize in almost any area that interests you. We are also a research center, which means that you work at the leading edge of medicine here, utilizing the latest technology alongside a team of nationally recognized experts.

Of course, we'll look to you to help us improve the care we bring to patients. At Swedish, our nurses take an active role in developing evidence-based best practices. We also believe in developing your talent to its fullest, with teams of clinical educators, nursing specialists and professional development specialists dedicated to assisting you, as well as continuing education allowances, tuition reimbursement and ongoing in-service training.

We invite you to consider the wide range of rewarding nursing jobs to choose from at Swedish.